What results can I expect with Lumigan?


40% longer


30% fuller


20% stronger

lumigan Eyelash Serum On Sale

Lumigan is a kind of drug in the form of eye drops to treat Glaucoma. It has been approved by FDA to  lower high eye pressure. When applying Lumigan for eye disease treatment, patients and ophthalmologist found that this medicine has an side effect to make eyelash longer. Therefore, Allergan Inc, the manufacturer of Lumigan successfully launched an FDA approved eyelash enhancer. Which has same ingredients and effectiveness as Lumigan, rebranded as Latisse.

Therefore, Lumigan has double efficacy, it works not only to treat Glaucoma, but also to enhance eyelash effectively. Bimatoprost is the active ingredient of Lumigan, it is a prostaglandin analog that was proven to lengthen, thicken and darken eyelash effectively. Study showed that with Lumigan serum, eyelash will grow up to 20% length in few weeks.

Lumigan eyelash serum is a prescription medicine, but now you can easily buy Lumigan online from official site. We are authorized supplier to offer 100% real and latest Lumigan online with low price. Welcome you to place your order on our store to enjoy gorgeous eyelash right now. Only one thing you should note is that, if your buy Lumigan for Glaucoma treatment, it is highly advised you to consult your doctor to get professional advice.

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