Can Careprost Replace Macara?

The length and darkness is the determinant of beauty of the eyes: Longer thicker and fuller eyelashes will deeply enhance your eye beauty and will be a sign of youth and health. Careprost is a revolutionary solution that will make your glance as attractive and eye-filling as you ever desire. This lash enhancer works wonderfully to achieve a noticeable effect and growth of the eyelashes within few weeks. And the absolute result is achieved in 16 weeks. The eyelashes get longer, thicker and darker, if you regularly apply Careprost before going to bed.

Can Careprost be used instead of mascara?

The answer is no. Careprost is not mascara. it is the solution for the treatment of the insufficient number of the eyelashes. However, mascara can be used in addition to Careprost. But after a few weeks of the product’s use, the eyelashes become so long and thick that you do not need to use mascara any more.

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