FAQs About Eyelash Care

There is no doubt that all of us want to get longer thicker and fuller eyelash. And to get this goal, we have steps to do. Here we will share some hot questions that are frequently asked by people who want to increase eyelash size.

Will people hurt eyelashes?

Yes, instead of getting longer eyelash, the first goal is getting healthy eyelashes, Unfortunately, some people have a unhealthy habit such as picking off eyelashes or even rubbing of the lashes, which will cause our eyelash loss/ Besides,  the over-cleansing of mascara can also leads the lash falling out.

Is there an safe and effective way growing lash back?

Eyelash serum is just for you. We advise you to try careprost eyelash serum, which has FDA approved ingredient to help you lengthen thicken and darken eyelash effectively. Due to its effeteness, it is also named Generic Latisse, and with much lower price.

In a word, people should take care of eyelashes. To keep the better state for lashes, we should clean up cosmetics every day, then apply the careprost serum before bedtime.

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