How to Apply Lumigan Eye Drop

Lumigan eyelash growth conditioner is an answer for regrowing and enhancing eyelashes. It is an FDA approved medicine to treat Glaucoma as well. This product has helped thousands of people regain naturally longer thicker and darker eyelashes.

If you want to get ideal length of eyelash by using lumigan, you should follow these tips to get better result.

1) Wash your hand properly before using it. It is essential to prevent infection.

2) Remove the cap and tilt your head back a little and draw the lower lid of your eye out to form a pocket.

3) Hold the eye drop upside down near to the eye. Pressure the bottle lightly to release a drop into the eye. Avoid touching the eyes with bottle as you do this. This is vital to inhibit infection and adverse effect. Remember never take excess amount of the solution as it is not good for you and does not improve your glaucoma.

4) After using the medicine, close your eyes for few minutes. It helps medicine to spread properly into the eyes. After that, close the cap of a bottle.

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