How to Apply Lumigan Eyelash Drop

Lumigan is an effective product which not only works to treat glaucoma but also can be used to regrow naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes. This product has had FDA approval, here we will share the direction of using lumigan bimatoprost drop.

If you want to apply lumigan for treating glaucoma or ocular hypertension, you should consult your doctor and get the prescription to use it. Then drop this drop in your eyes, is advised to use careprost once daily, mostly in the evening and one drop at a time into the affected eye.

If you want to grow longer eyelash back, instead of dropping it into eyes, this time it is brushed along your eyelashes. One drop of Careprost should be applied to the upper portion of eyes with the help of brush or clean fingertips. This drop should be applied to the upper base of eyelashes but always prevent touching into lower eyelashes. After using this eye drop with eye liner, close your eyelid for 3-4 minutes. Don’t blink your eyes. Don’t touch the tip of eye liner or brush.

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