Is Careprost Safe Enough For Use?

Careprost is launched to increase eyelash size. Just like other serums in the market, people are usually nervous about the side effect  of the new products since some clients claimed that careprost has negative comments online. So it is a big deal that does Careprost really work? Are there any side effects of it?

Careprost is an effective serum for eyelash growth, this product has an effective ingredient named Bimatoprost, which is also the same effective of Latisse, the later product is the first and only FDA approved serum to enhance eyelash. Therefore, careprost has another name Generic Latisse, and what’s more, with cheaper price, careprost is the cheap version of Latisse and bring the same effect in few weeks.

And also, the following are the expected side-effects.

Common side effect :Dryness of eyes, Burning sensation in the eye, Redness and irritation of the eyes, Visual changes

Severe side effects :Conjunctivitis,Conjunctival edema,Pigmentation in Iris

It is advised to read articles and reviews online about the product that you want to order, or you can also ask your doctor for professional advice.

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