Risks for Wearing False Eyelashes

Almost all of us want to have gorgeous eyelashes, which makes us look more charming. However, not all of us are born with naturally longer darker and fuller eyelashes.

What should we do to make up for it ? False eyelashes is one of the answers. The next question is that is it safe for us wearing fake eyelashes to enhance our lash beauty?

Answer is obvious, the more natural product your choose, the safer your lash will be. Eyelash extension things need glue to be stickers, some of them use unqualified glue, which would cause chemical-damage for our eyes and skin.

Here we advise you to take a try of eyelash serum such as careprost bimatoprost serum, which contains FDA approved bimatoprost to nourish and increase eyelash size effectively. This product has passed clinical test to be an 100% safe serum for use.

if you really want gorgeous eyelashes then you need learn how to get longer eyelashes naturally. Only need 4-8 weeks, you will get the ideal length. Just visit careprost official store to get details.


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