The difference between Careprost and Mascara

Women always want to get the charming eyes with longer eyelashes. Mascara  is a great option to enhance your lash and give eyelashes a dark and sexy look. And you may also learn that there is a product named careprost that also works to increase longer thicker and fuller eyelashes.

Both of the product work to enhance eyelashes, what’s the difference between them? Well, there is a fundamental difference! Mascara is a cosmetic that can darken your eyelashes, and careprost is a¬† lash growth serum for intraocular treatment.

Women have observed as high as 25% growth in the eyelashes buy applying careprost and studies have revealed that it doesn’t produce any harmful effect on the body. And you can also wear mascara when applying careprost serum, these products don’t conflict.



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