Three Eyelash Growth Phases

Before choose the optimal product for yourself to regrow longer thicker and fuller eyelash, you should also take an eye of lash growth. Just like our hair on the scalp, eyelashes has the same pattern of hair growth with three growth phases.

The anagen phase — also known as growth phase. In this phase the eyelash takes root and grows in length.

The catagen phase — also known as resting phase. In this phase the lash hairs stop growing and rest.

The telogen phase – This is the longest phase of other two which lasts for about three months. In this phase generally lash fall out and the new start to grow continuing the first stage of the cycle which is the anagen phase.

After learning lash growth rules, now we can choose product to enhance eyelash perfectly. Careprost is the answer, by extending their growth stage of the eyelash growth cycle, this serum  helps one to achieve thicker and longer growth of lashes. Grab a bottle of Careprost 0.03% solution and see how magically it works for you.

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