Want A Safe Method to Regrow Lashes

Longer thicker and fuller eyelashes works wonderfully to frame the eye and catch people’s attention to your face. However, if a woman’s eyelashes are not that thick and gorgeous, that may cause her anxious.

Maybe you used to apply mascara or fake eyelashes to decor your eyelashes. But mascara always give you a heavy look, later extensions may bring potential chemical damage.

The next and last chance to increase eyelash size is apply eyelash growth serum, which will help you regrow longer thicker eyelashes naturally. Here you can take a try of careprost, active ingredient is an FDA approved item to treat glaucoma and enhance eyelash size. This is an over-the-counter medicine, you can easily order it online.

We also advise you keep an eye on your diet, an healthy diet will enhance the result of longer eyelashes, but the lacking of protein will diminish your eyelashes

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