What’s the difference between Careprost, Latisse and Lumigan

If you are the one like me wanting to regrow naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes, you much have been confused with the various eyelash serum. Such as Latisse, which seems to be the first and only FDA approved serum to regrow eyelash back. But wait, there also have some product that claim to be generic latisse, and their price is much cheaper than Latisse, such as careprost.

What’s the difference between them, does generic latisse work´╝č Is it the same version of Latisse? Don’t worry, today let’s get details of these serums.

These three products, Careprost Lumigan and Latisse are for same purpose: growing naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelash. They also contain same active ingredient like bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%.

The only difference is that they are launched by different manufacturing company, and the price is different as well. Careprost is cheapest eyelashes growing serum as compare to Latisse and Lumigan. You can choose it according to your demand.


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